10 oz. Palladium Bar Credit Suisse

Posted on :Mar 21, 2015



Technical Specifications


 Metal Content  10 troy oz
 Purity  .9995
 Manufacturer  Credit Suisse


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Along with gold and platinum bullion coins and bars, Palladium Bullion is another wise investment option. Credit Suisse, one of the world's most recognized refiners of precious metals, produces this high quality Palladium Bar. The Credit Suisse 10 oz. Bar is very popular among investors around the globe.

The Credit Suisse 10 oz. Bar is guaranteed .9995 fine and offered in a hard plastic cover for optimum safety during transit. This palladium bar also carries a low premium over spot value. Gold Goliath offers current market prices on our home page assuring investors they are paying very competitive prices for all of our products. Out of Stock

The front of the Credit Suisse 10 oz. Bar contains the logo of Credit Suisse while the back surface has the logo spanning across the entire back of the Palladium Bar. Sturdy packaging ensures safe handling and storage of the bar.

Prices for this bar change continually in accordance with global spot market pricing. Spot price is the benchmark for setting prices on all precious metals. Along with other bullion coins and bars, the Credit Suisse 10 oz. Palladium Bar is also an attractive investment option for those persons looking to protect their IRA. This bar is eligible for Individual Retirements Accounts (IRAs).

Some of the major advantages associated with Credit Suisse 10 oz. Bar include:

• Purchased by investors globally for immediate liquidity associated with this bar
• Industrial demand for palladium is growing and this insures palladium as a safe long term investment.
• The bar contains 10 oz of .9995 fine Palladium.
• Eligible for IRAs
• The Credit Suisse 10 oz. Bar carries a low premium over its spot value.
• The weight and purity is guaranteed because of the assurance offered by Credit Suisse, one of the world's best known refiners of precious metals.



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