$20 Saint Gaudens Gold Piece

$20 Saint Gaudens Gold Piece



Technical Specifications

 Gross Weight  33.346 grams
 Fineness  .900
 Actual Gold Content  .9675 troy ounce


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The Saint Gaudens Gold Piece is recognized among the rarest gold coins and considered a prized possession by investors and collectors alike. Originally, the price was capped at $20 and since the time of its first mintage, the coin has grown in popularity across the world as a treasured investment. This coin is among the most beautiful and rare gold coins minted in the U.S. for gold bullion investors.

For decades, the $20 Saint Gaudens gold piece has symbolized wealth in America and imparts a perception of affluence. This marvelous gold piece is available in limited supply but is generally in stock through Gold Goliath, a prominent Gold Dealer in the United States.

Also, known as Double Eagles, the $20 Saint Gaudens gold piece was named after sculptor Augustus St. Gaudens. This coin is seen as one of the most beautiful demonstrations of numismatic art available in the markets. The $20 Gold Piece was struck between 1907 through 1933 and continues to draw the attention of investors and numismatists across the globe today.

This beautiful artistic expression has the Liberty symbol on the obverse with year of mintage near the bottom arc. The opposite side has the depiction of a flying eagle with the words, “United States of America”, “Twenty Dollars” and “In God We Trust.”


Here are a few more reasons why the $20 Saint Gaudens gold coin should be considered when investing in precious metals:

  • •  The coin as others comes shipped in discreet packaging for complete security and privacy.
    •  The coin is exempted from reporting requirements, thus insuring complete privacy.
    •  The rarity of the coin and increasing demand from investors and collectors assures the $20 Saint Gaudens will remain a prized coin in precious metals markets.
    •  Tremendous admiration by the global community lends further credibility to the viability of the $20 Saint Gaudens coin.

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