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Posted on :Apr 08, 2015

Gold and silver are performing well today as investors await the latest Federal Open Market Committee minutes to be released this afternoon. Gold last reported a.m. is $1209.00 down $2.30 and silver is $16.83 down 6 cents.

China and apparently many of our U.S. allies are placing bets that the U.S. dollar is nearing its end game. China’s Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank is looking to replace the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, both controlled by the Federal Reserve. Though mainstream media outlets are reporting, “nothing to be concerned with”, great concern is growing. The U.S. holds the largest voting bloc in the IMF-World Bank Structure and the Fed uses these banks to control much of the global economy.

News that Iran and the United Arab emirates have just signed on brings new AIIB membership to 35 nations. Despite pressure from Washington to reject the new bank, France, Germany and Italy will be joining as well once the bank is officially chartered. China’s economy rivals America’s economy and emerging markets account for more than half of global output. For several reasons, the U.S. is quickly losing it’s prominent seat at the global economic table.

The Asian bank mission is to take a funding level of around 50 billion and use it for investing in infrastructure projects in developing economies. In other words, China is looking to control nations through it’s new lending institution no differently than the Fed has been doing since 1944. This is a tremendous defeat for the U.S. dollar as every major U.S. ally with the exception of Japan, has joined forces with the new up and coming leader.

Rome didn’t fall in a day and neither will the U.S. but clearly foreign nations see a global power shift taking place and their bets are on China. Two years ago laughter broke out any time someone mentioned the dollar would eventually lose its reserve currency status. Now, as allies turn their backs on Washington it’s no longer funny. In the not too distant future, Americans may find out exactly why governments and central banks don’t place trust in their own stock markets or currencies.

While we still have wealth, it’s important that we fight to keep it. We have the choice of protecting it with gold and silver as governments do, or we can continue playing poker in the stock markets. Whether we like it or not, current events tell us that a change is coming and the outcome for the dollar does not appear favorable.

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