1 oz. American Silver Eagle

Posted on :Feb 21, 2015


Fineness = 0.999 ; Size = 40.6mm ; Thickness 2.98mm

Technical Specifications

 Gross Weight  1 troy oz
 Silver Content  1 troy oz
 Fineness  999% pure
 Diameter  1.60”


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The 1 oz. American Silver Eagle is the most popular silver coin in the United States among silver investors and collectors. The coin is produced by the US Mint and has become one of the most sought after silver bullion coins around the world. Gold Goliath is a leading silver dealer in the United States and we offer premium American Silver Eagle bullion coins.

The 1 oz. American Silver Eagle coin is acclaimed worldwide for its beautiful design. The obverse of the coin is inspired from Adolph Weinman’s famous Walking Liberty Half Dollar design and the reverse inscribes John Mercanti’s heraldic eagle design.  The bottom of the obverse displays the year of minting with legend inscribed, “In God We Trust.”

The first 1 oz. American Silver Eagle coins were minted in 1986 at the West Point facility in the New York City and minting continued through 2012. The West Point facility could not meet demand beginning in 2001 and production was started at San Francisco. The coins did not contain marks of either of the two Mints but they displayed the year of minting.

Silver coins from the US mints are demanded worldwide by investors and collectors alike. Some of the main factors that make the 1 oz. American Silver Eagle highly popular in US and global markets are as given below:

• The coin contains precisely one ounce of pure silver, verified by the US Mint.
• The US Mint certifies the weight and purity of the 1 oz. American Silver Eagle making it is a popular investment option for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) as well.
• The 1 oz. American Silver Eagle appeals to investors who are searching for assets that have value in themselves.
• The appealing design of the 1 oz. American Silver Eagle is a primary attraction for investors and collectors.

The 1 oz. American Silver Eagle is packaged in plastic tubes with tight seals. Each tube contains 20 coins. These coins are also available in Green Monster Boxes that contain 500 coins (25 tubes of 20 coins each).


Investors and collectors interested in buying the 1 oz. American Silver Eagle may contact us at our toll free number 1-800-577-3195 Ext. #1 during business hours Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm CST.

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