Austrian 1 Ducat Gold Coin


Austrian 1 Ducat Gold Coin

Technical Specifications


 Gross weight  1 troy oz
 Fineness  .9860
 Actual Gold Content  1 troy oz

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For collectors of gold coins as well as Gold Bullion, the  Austrian 1 Ducat Gold Coin needs no introduction. This bullion coin is considered among the oldest struck sovereigns of the Austrian Mint. This coin is hugely popular across the globe for its vintage appeal and is minted with the finest gold quality standards. Gold Goliath, a nationally recognized U.S. gold dealer offers proof and semi-numismatic coins such as the Austrian 1 Ducat Gold Coin.

Ducat is derived from a Medieval Latin word, ducatus, meaning “relating to a duke (or dukedom).” In trade and economic parlance, the word is taken as an umbrella term for the different types of gold coins used in Medieval European countries. The coins were trending from the medieval period till the later part of the 20th century.

Historically, the first Ducat coins were struck in 1140 but the images and inscriptions changed from time to time. The coin has a distinct appeal showcasing the rendition of beautiful numismatic art. The face is embossed with the image of the legendary Austrian Emperor, Francis Joseph I who was coronated as King in 1848 and remained till his death in 1916. The reverse has an inscription of the House of Habsburg’s coat of arms.

In many ways, the Austrian 1 Ducat Gold Coin carries as much historical significance as its value as a Gold coin. The coin is made of 0.987 purity gold and the melt weight in gold is 0.1122 troy. This highly popular series is very similar to the Austrian 100 Corona for the fact that those struck in 1915 are re-struck. Re-striking means that the coin is reissued officially as it was no longer in production.

The purity and quality of the coin is instantly recognizable by both investors and collectors of gold coins. Several remarkable features associated with the Austrian 1 Ducat Gold Coin make it a sought-after selection to enhance one’s gold portfolio or numismatist’s collection:

•    Because the coin is minted by a sovereign government, it is assured of purity and weight of content.
•    Generally lower premiums than other comparable products make it a popular choice for global buyers.
•    The Austrian 1 Ducat Gold Coin is unquestioned and recognized as it has been traded for decades.
•    The price of the coin fluctuates directly with variations in global markets.


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