1 oz. Austrian Silver Philharmonic

Posted on :Feb 21, 2015


Fineness = 0.999 ; Size = 37mm ; Thickness 3.2mm

Technical Specifications

 Gross Weight  1 troy oz
 Fineness  999% pure
 Silver Content  1 troy oz
 Diameter  1.46”


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Silver bullion coins are among the best choices for liquid investments. Bullion coins also command additional value being offered as "proof" coins as well. The 1 oz. Austrian Silver Philharmonic is among the most sought after silver coins across the globe.

Gold Goliath is a premier US silver dealer offering the 1 oz. Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins at competitive prices. The coins compare with the Canadian Silver Maple and US Silver Eagle in the 1 oz. weight category. The minting of this pure silver coin began in 2008 by Austrian sovereign Mints with a design similar to that of Austrian Gold Philharmonic.

The elegantly and beautifully designed coin has the obverse featuring a Great Pipe Organ particular to Vienna’s Golden Hall. The face also contains the legal tender value 1.5 euro and the year of minting. The reverse of 1 oz. Austrian Silver Philharmonic depicts a collage of musical instruments, “Wiener Philharmoniker” (Vienna Philharmonic) and the word, “Silber” (Silver).

1 oz. Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins are listed along with the first silver coins denominated in Euros. Demand for this coin drives production numbers to ranges between 10 and 20 million units per year. With pure silver of (.999 fineness), the coin necessitates large production due to its immense popularity across the globe.

A number of factors make it a prime choice for investors as well as collectors. Some of the notable features are given below:

• Due to lower premiums, investors can purchase the 1 oz. Austrian Silver Philharmonic in bulk quantity.
• Dealers regularly sell and purchase these coins in global markets because of their popularity.
• Since the government Mints produce the coins, the 1 oz. Austrian Silver Philharmonic silver bullion coins are guaranteed for weight and purity.
• Excellent choice for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).
• Low premium over its spot value as the coin is manufactured in huge numbers every year.


A unique feature of the 1 oz. Austrian Silver Philharmonic silver coin is the Monster Box is equipped with a small tool that enables easy opening of the hard plastic tubes. For ordering and questions call 1-800-577-3195 ext. #1 Monday thru Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm CST.

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