Birth Pangs – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Jan 07, 2016

Updated 1-8-2015

Gold prices remain strong in early US trading Friday as global stock markets plummet and then retaking ground only to lose it again. We expect the markets to swing wildly in 2016 as central banks are out of gas. There’s nothing central banks can do now to normalize stock markets.  Gold last reported a.m. is $1104.90 and silver is $ 14.09.

So far 2016 is proving to confirm what many individuals have been saying for years. Central bank monetary insanity cannot stop the inevitable. When it’s broke, it’s broke!

*Canada PMI crashes into contraction

*Copper futures fall below $2.00 for the first time in six years

*Chinese markets fall and authorities suspend circuit breaker rule to stall carnage

*US jobless claims jump to six month high as 94-95 million Americans remain unemployed

*US manufacturing and trade exports are non-existent

*Korea threatens the US by successfully testing their new H Bomb

*Russia and China put the US on their enemy watch list

*Saudi Arabia fires missile at Iran and they prepare for war

*Middle East migrants are terrorizing Europe as Europe welcomes them in

*Obama forces states to accept Middle East migrants and refuses legitimate background checks

*Obama passes executive orders attempting to disarm Americans

Surely we haven’t been lied to have we?

It’s not too late to protect our wealth with physical gold and silver. Both metals are also available for your IRA.


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