1 oz. British Gold Sovereign

Posted on :Feb 17, 2015

Fineness = 0.9167 ; Weight = 0.2354oz ; Size = 22.05mm ; Thickness = 1.52mm

Technical Specifications


 Weight  7.988052 g (calculated from original definition; the coin act of  1971 adjusted the standard to exactly 7.98805 g.
 Thickness  1.52 mm
 Diameter  22.05 mm
 Fineness  22 carat = 916⅔ / 1000 (± 2/1000[2])
 Gold Content  7.322381 g = 0.235420


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The British Gold Sovereign is an iconic gold bullion coin produced by the sovereign mints of Britain. The British Royal Mint is the official manufacturer of coins for the United Kingdom. British Gold Sovereign coins have been in circulation since A.D. 650. The coin was minted by the Royal Mint and during that period there were several mints throughout the United Kingdom. Around 1540, the other mints were closed apart from the British Royal Mint.

Earlier, the coins were produced using the method of striking by hands but the practice was abandoned in 1663 with the introduction of screw presses and horse-drawn rolling mills.

Gold Goliath is a premier US gold dealer offering certified 1 oz. British Gold Sovereign coins. These coins are in demand around the world due to collector values and safe investment options.

Investors’ and collectors alike are familiar with the British Royal Mint and its long history of manufacturing and circulating coinage for Great Britain. On our Precious Metals page, you will find a picture with detailed information concerning British Gold Sovereign coins.

The 1 oz. British Gold Sovereign is widely traded around the world and is easily purchased and liquidated. The sovereign coins contain purity in gold of more than 91% content (22 Karat).

The sovereign coins have been minted in the United Kingdom from 1817 to present. Canada, Australia and South Africa have also minted 1 oz. British Gold Sovereigns occasionally. In contemporary times, the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, Wales, and under license by MMTC-PAMP near Delhi, India produced the sovereign coins as well.


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