Dear California Please Do – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Nov 09, 2016

Talk of secession is in the air so lets hope they’re serious and will take several other states with them. Good ridence, good bye, and don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out.

Communistic socialism suffered a blow last night as the ruling elite class in Washington DC was checkmated by God Almighty. We must stay vigilant as neither the enemy nor his children are going to back down from the fight for a new world order.

Metro Online, Reports that #Calexit is gaining momentum trending on social media sites as angry Californians look to form their own state.

I would even be willing to sign a petition as a Tennessean in their behalf that their request be granted.

Watch for the Fed to hammer markets along with their European counterparts as we’ve been stating they would do for the past several months.

We are already seeing huge moves into gold and silver as stock investors are selling, selling, selling. Silver and gold should perform extremely well in 2017 with silver seeing the lions share of gains.

Silver is still available below production costs creating unbelievable savings and opportunities for return.


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