Debt Declared War On EU – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Jun 29, 2016

As Britain and soon to be, other EU countries run for cover, Germany is maneuvering to maintain control over its socialist experiment of totalitarianism. What Hitler failed to do in his conquest of Europe, Angela Merkel and her fellow henchmen will also fail to accomplish.

The one thing the EU could not allow to happen, happened with Brexit and toxic debt will continue to expose itself as the musical chairs game has ended.

Deutche Bank, Germany biggest bank is hemorrhaging under toxic debt as the bank fell 22% between Friday and Monday. Over the past 12 months, Deutsche Bank shares are down a whopping 56% and are now at record lows. The Euro STOXX banks are down over 49% and Swiss bank giant, Credit Suisse, is down 63%.

As in the US, European economies are either dead or dying from lack of productivity and banks are being forced to make fewer loans. Combine this with negative interest rates and economic disaster is guaranteed. The European Central Bank may boast of pumping more money into the system but it cannot stop the growing collapse. We are witnessing the death of the EU.

In the coming days and months, we can expect the globalists to incite fear and war as they scurry to protect their doomed system.

Be vigilant!



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