Deep State Controlling Washington – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Mar 31, 2017

We’ve been warning for years that Washington and its financier the Federal Reserve are hell bent on inciting war with Russia and China. In 2016 China made the unabashed statement that they would destroy the US dollar and remove it from global prominence. In return, Barak Obama threatened the Chinese government not to “tamper” with the dollar. China isn’t listening and neither is Russia.

The Trump administration is being led to war and the sooner the better for the Fed. According to Pentagon officials, our “super power” prominence and military ¬†technological advantages have all but vanished. A greater possibility may be that both Russia and China actually now hold those advantages.

If the Fed has to go through North Korea to incite another world war then by all means they will do it.

This morning Wiki Leaks reported that the CIA disguises its own hacking attacks and regularly points the finger at Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. The article goes on to say the CIA program called Marble has test examples written in Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic and Farsi (the Iranian language).

This permits a forensic attribution double game, for example by pretending that the spoken language of the malware creator was not American English, but Chinese.’

This could lead forensic investigators into wrongly concluding that CIA hacks were carried out by the Kremlin, the Chinese government, Iran, North Korea or Arabic-speaking terror groups such as ISIS.

The Trump – Putin love affair appears to be short lived as well. Putin’s spokesperson Vladimir Peskov confirmed today that the relationship today between the US and Russia may be worse now than it was during the cold war.

When asked by “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos if the U.S. and Russia were in a “new Cold War,” Peskov said the current situation may be worse, blaming the US for disintegrating the cooperation between the two countries.

But what will come a shock to the new generation of McCarthyist witch hunters, who see a Russian spy behind every criticism of US policy, or economic data, or of course democrats, Peskov blamed none other than the “present presidential administration.”

It’s no surprise that Washington and the Fed lead the globe in their efforts to bring about a New World Order. It’s happening right before us, just as God said it would.

He who has the Son has life, and he who does not have the Son does not have life. 1 John 5:12



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