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Posted on :Jan 22, 2015

News that the European Central Bank is moving forward with QE plans has shocked European stock markets while accelerating gold’s climb over $1300 spot. The Euro is trading at a nine year low Thursday as volatility hammers paper markets. Gold last reported a.m. is $1303.60 up $9.20 and silver is $18.41 up 20 cents.

The ECB is expanding purchases to include bonds issued by Euro area central governments, agencies and European institutions in the secondary markets. Monthly asset purchases in the amount of 60 billion are to be carried out until at least September 2016. Claims of how the stimulus will actually grow the economy are as ridiculous as those made by our own Fed since 2008. Being brutally honest our economy remains deep in the toilet. Low-wage part-time jobs have not grown the U.S. economy. Money takes on the personality of its user and the ECB will have a heyday turning over record profits as the European economy fizzles out.

Gold is riding high as is always the case when trouble comes knocking at the door. In 2014 gold was the fourth best performing internationally traded commodity. Gold has risen 10 percent in January and performed well against every currency throughout 2014 with the exception of the U.S. dollar.

In honest markets gold and silver are positioned to rise considerably this year. When we take into account supply and demand, debt, QE and the condition of global economies it shows us that gold should actually be around $2,000 spot and silver at $50 or better. As both gold and silver break through key levels there is no doubt we will see minor corrections but the first quarter of 2015 may very well be the last we will see of “freebie” precious metals.

The British Royal Mint announced it was bringing back gold and silver bars after an absence of 40 years. The mint will be offering a variety of bars to the public. The gold bars are exempt from the value added tax for British citizens purchasing the product. The Royal Mint Refinery brand dates back to 1852 and was operated by N.M. Rothschild and Sons.

There are two primary reason we suggest gold and silver coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. The purity in these products is among the finest globally produced and we can offer these coins at lower prices than their American counterparts. Our goal is to acquire the most metal for the money and we pass the savings on to our clients.

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