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Posted on :Feb 15, 2016

Quantitative easing proved to be a catastrophic failure after 8 years, zero interest rates are a failure and now the Fed is considering negative interest rates. Average citizens have moved from making no return on their savings accounts etc. to the possibility of making negative return in the US. In the system of smoke and mirrors created by the Fed, the working class loses as the system implodes.

As we have come to expect, bad economic news is good news as the DOW is up 900 points today since last week. These are simply more Fed induced gains that are not sustainable as these gains are not a product of the US economy.

Gold last reported a.m. is $1212.00 and silver is $15.41. For the time being silver remains available below production costs even as global demand soars year after year.

Economic indicators around the globe are flashing danger and war, yet word that central banks will be flooding stock markets, i.e. banker pockets with more money saves the day. Loose monetary policies haven’t worked over the past 8 years but once again markets greet the worn out mantra with reverence and elation. ¬†This tells us that outside of “lip service”, even the stock markets no longer believe in themselves. The grand experiment of QE has come to and end and it’s time to pay the piper.

President of the European Central bank, Mario Draghi says the ECB , “won’t hesitate to act”, as Europe’s stock markets face certain death. European banks are saddled with toxic loans and negative rates will continue pressuring their bottom lines. The Italian Treasury stated the ECB is considering buying bundles of bad loans from Italian banks and or allowing banks to pledge their NPLs as collateral for cheap liquidity. This is exactly what the Fed did in 2008 as it bailed out America’s, “too big to fail” banks.

Central banks around the globe are preparing for a global depression that will be used to facilitate the greatest wealth transfer the world has ever seen.

It’s time to protect our wealth with real assets and not someone else’s liability like stocks and bonds. We can even own physical gold and silver in a IRA.

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