Why Gold Goliath?

We have a reputation built on honesty and we refuse to conduct business any other way. Our goal is to assist clients who are seeking to protect their wealth from loss with tangible assets. Please click link to see our Gold Dealer Scam Alerts article. http://goldgoliath.com/gold-dealer-scams-gold-goliath-gold-goliath/

Why should I invest in physical precious metals?
Investors view physical gold and silver as insurance. Unlike paper liabilities like the dollar, stocks, etc, that have no tangible value, they guarantee a portion of your wealth cannot be wiped out in times of economic instability. Owning physical gold bullion and silver bullion is imperative when protecting our assets.

*The information listed below is for purchases outside of an IRA. Please visit our IRA page for information on owning physical gold and silver in your IRA.


Gold Goliath makes buying gold and silver easy by offering exceptional service and transparent pricing. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited gold dealer known nationally for offering the most competitive pricing in the precious metals industry. You made an excellent choice in choosing Gold Goliath and we are pleased to serve you.

Payment on cash purchases for precious metals can be completed the following ways:

  1. Certified funds or personal checks are acceptable by mail. We require a holds-funds period to assure good payment. Once payment is credited, your Sales Associate will contact you to lock in pricing and place your order.
  2. For same day purchases we require bank wire or credit card payment using Paypal. We cannot lock in pricing until funds have credited to our account.
  3. Pay for your order with Paypal. After speaking with your Sales Associate and receiving purchase $total, go to your Paypal account and submit payment to Gold Goliath. Paypal charges a 3% service fee per transaction that is added to purchase total.  Depending upon availability, most products are delivered to your door within 7 – 10 business days after lock-in.

Our products are mailed Registered and Insured utilizing the services of UPS. Products are shipped in discreet packages to ensure privacy and must be signed for upon delivery. If you are unavailable when your package arrives, UPS will leave a note on your door and attempt delivery the following business day. You have the option of calling UPS and notifying them that you will be picking the package up at their facility if you choose to do so.

We purchase precious metals only from renowned mints assuring precise standards on all of our products.

Do you need my Social Security Number?
No. The only time we are required to ask for a SSN is when a client makes a purchase exceeding $10,000 and is paying in cash. Neither a bank wire, nor personal check is considered cash.

How will my precious metals be delivered?
All packages are discretely wrapped and will arrive registered and insured until signed for.

How much does shipping cost?
We offer FREE shipping on all orders over $3,000.00.

Do you offer storage?
We do not offer storage. Most of our clients take physical delivery of their products. We do however make suggestions concerning storage based on a client’s particular needs.

Will I incur tax liabilities?
We can advise you on which transactions do and do not require us to charge tax. We make no representations concerning potential tax consequences of any transaction placed with Gold Goliath. We advise you to discuss these concerns with a licensed tax professional.

What if I choose to sell the coins I purchased from you at a later date?
We will repurchase the coins from you. You will be charged a 4% liquidation fee.

Do you offer refunds?
No, we do not offer refunds. As stated above, we will repurchase the coins.

Can I roll my IRA or other qualified retirement accounts into physical gold and silver?
Yes. It is a very simple process. Visit our Retirement Accounts page for details.

Can the government confiscate my gold?
The government reserves the right to prohibit private ownership of all gold products under limited circumstances. In 1933, President FDR issued Executive Order 6102 prohibiting private ownership of certain gold coins. Gold coins that had a special value to collectors and considered to be rare and unusual were immune to confiscation for that time period. The 1933 executive order will not stop the government today from attempting to confiscate “any and all” gold products should it decide to do so. Beware of dealers who tell you otherwise for the purpose of selling collector coins with a higher premium.

Privacy Disclosure
Gold Goliath is dedicated to protecting your privacy. Under no circumstances do we sell any client information to third parties. Any information maintained by us is used only for the purpose of providing service to our clients.

Business Hours –  Mon-Fri 9:00am – 6:00pm CST. Call 1-800-577-3195 Ext. #1  to speak with one of our sales associates.