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Posted on :Jan 21, 2015

Wednesday morning gold moved above the $1300 level to reach another five month high. Silver also reached a fourth month high priced at $18.25. Gold and silver prices continue to rise on safe-haven demand as investors fear warning signs of possible stock market corrections. Gold last reported a.m. is $1290.30 down $4.50 and silver is $18.11 up 14 cents.

The European Central Bank will be meeting Thursday to discuss its new course of money printing in effort to create “growth” for the stagnate European Union economy. The meeting as usual will be one of endless chatter designed to confuse any investor. Since 2008, the Fed has continued to destroy the U.S. economy and the U.S. dollar all in the name of printing more money for supposed growth. The U.S. economy remains in the same recession it entered seven years ago. The Federal Reserve and its “big six” banker allies have however accumulated tremendous wealth for themselves.

Global instability will remain gold and silver’s best friend as witnessed by current events. Investors don’t jump into stock markets when turmoil strikes, they jump into precious metals because of their proven stability. The continuing strife from Europe to the Middle East will grow in 2015 and beyond and as a direct result precious metals will sell in record demand.

There is a possibility that metals will take a momentary downturn primarily due to fraudulent gold price rigging. This practice has been going on since April 2011 and has increased in velocity since. The current strength of physical demand fueled by Russia and China will only grow as nations fight to remain viable players on the global scene. Shorting gold futures to suppress gold prices will only last so long.

It’s impossible for any human to predict timing unless you are privy to Federal Reserve board meetings, which we are not. The fact that January has seen several events that have benefited gold suggest that we are headed into more turbulent times. Warning signs are clear and recent events by Germany’s Bundesbank in repatriating its gold only confirm what markets are already telling us. The system of smoke and mirrors is cracking and when it finally breaks no one can in truth say, I never saw it coming.

Many big name players make boastful statements concerning gold and silver prices and what they will or will not do over a specified period of time. Most of these individual usually wind up eating a lot of crow. Instead of making predictions we choose to see things over the long term perspective. We understand that fiat currencies always eventually fail and gold will remain in great demand as economies unravel.

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