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Posted on :Jan 20, 2015

Gold reached its highest level in five months this morning. Safe-haven demand in the midst of the Swiss National Bank’s decision to abandon the currency peg to the Euro is positive news for precious metals. The International Monetary Fund slashed its global growth from 3.8% to 3.5%  and this will continue luring investors into gold and silver markets. Even those investors weary from last years beat down in gold prices are jumping back in.   Gold last reported a.m. is $1296.40 up $18.90 and silver is $17.98 up 22 cents.

Germany’s Bundesbank has evidently made enough noise behind the scenes concerning its gold repatriation that France and the U.S. are finally listening. So far it has managed to bring back 85 paltry tonnes of gold from New York and 35 tonnes from Paris. Germany has a total of 674 tonnes still being held by France and the U.S. and they are asking for the remaining amount to be delivered by 2020. We wish Germany the best but we are extremely doubtful that the remaining gold actually exists.

The Fed will not allow its gold holdings to be audited and Washington is running interference for them. Congress doesn’t have the backbone to take a stand against the very entity that is propping up their system. If there were an audit, which there won’t be, and the Fed was found to be committing fraudulent activity concerning its gold holdings, world markets would shatter and gold prices would fly through the roof.  The U.S. dollar would crash through the floor and the paper ponzi scheme would be over.

Gold and silver are both already in short supply even as prices are being suppressed. The opportunity for the average Joe to buy gold or silver if this occurred is absolutely nil. Central banks cannot allow this to happen especially as most gold has traveled east to China and Russia. Offering only fiat currency in a system scampering for gold means you have no bargaining power. This is the position the Fed and western central bankers are in right now.

Throughout 2015 and beyond nations will continue to fly under the radar asking for their gold to be repatriated for fear they may awaken others who may jump in line in front of them. This is the reason Germany has been so polite and secretive when asking for the return of its own gold. Germany is looking our for Germany no different than any other country in the world would do.

Central banks have created a monster that is turning on them and their creation can no longer be controlled.  Fraudulent systems eventually collapse and the perpetrators are always looking for a way out. This usually means instigating global turmoil so you can blame the other guy, defeat him in battle and take his gold.

The future remains bright for precious metals.

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