Gold Drops On Tuesday – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Mar 31, 2015

Gold last reported today p.m. is $1183.90 down 10 cents and silver is $16.69 up 4 cents. Prices were pushed lower today against a higher U.S. dollar index that reached a daily high.

According to a Reuters report, four major banks are threatening to withhold campaign donations to Senate Democrats in anger over Senator Elizabeth Warren’s attacks on Wall Street. Representatives from Citi Group, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and of course JP Morgan recently met in Washington to discuss the growing hostility towards big businesses within the Democratic ranks. In other words, someone better step forward and shut her up before others choose to follow.

In a fund raising request titled, “Wall Street isn’t happy with us”, Warren accused the banks of wanting Washington to put its needs before Americans and get a little public fanny kissing for their money too. Warren say’s, “the big banks have issued a threat and it’s up to us to fight back.”

For whatever reason, it seems Elizabeth has more backbone than 98 percent of our U.S. distinguished politicians. Most politicians wouldn’t dare bite the hand that feeds it, unless of course it’s attached to the arm of the U.S. tax payer. Good luck Mrs. Warren!

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