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Posted on :Nov 12, 2015

Updated 11-13-2015

Gold prices are up in early a.m. trading Friday as the Dow drops 600 points from recent highs giving up third quarter gains. Gold last reported a.m. is $1083.00 and silver is $14.25.

The U.S. Mint verified that demand for the Gold American Eagle is presently at the highest levels since the 2008 housing collapse. As central bankers continue suppressing gold and silver prices through futures markets, investors jump all in. For every 290 ounces of “make believe” gold sold at COMEX, only 1 ounce of physical gold actually exists.

The World Gold Council reports that U.S. retail investment demand rose to 32.7 tons equating to a growth rate of over 200 percent year on year. Demand is the highest for more than 5 years in terms of volume with sales hitting 397,000 ounces.

It appears “gold bugs” like central banks and governments aren’t too trusting of their own stock markets and paper currencies because they’re purchasing the lion’s share. It’s not like another 2008 could ever happen so why worry?

The Fed says, “all is well” so be happy.

It’s not too late to take advantage of historical lows as both gold and silver are available for immediate shipment. Give us a call at 1-800-577-3195 Ext.#1 to speak with a sales consultant.

Gold Goliath is not your typical gold dealer.

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