“Gold See’s Typical Correction As Expected” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Jan 23, 2015

Gold and silver prices dipped slightly on Friday as expected. Anytime we see gold prices jump as they did over the past week we can always expect at least a modest pullback. Investors looking only for short term gains are the primary reason for today’s drop. Surprisingly we didn’t see any gold market manipulation this week by the bullion bankers. Gold last reported a.m. is $1290.60 down $10.80 and silver is $18.28 down 10 cents.

As the anti-gold crowd ridicules the existence of gold central banks and governments move forward in buying all they can get their hands on. Of course the very central banks purchasing gold are also the banks using government controlled media to reject the yellow metal. Wisdom tells us we are wise to watch someone’s actions versus listening to their empty chatter.

JP Morgan Natural Resources fund has increased its gold position from 13 percent to 20 percent of the fund. Portfolio Manager James Sutton said corrections in the price of copper coupled with a tumbling oil price means there is little room for error in the positioning of the portfolio. JPM fund manager feels confident that oil prices will recover towards the end of 2015. Despite large drops in oil prices JPM retains exposure to the highest quality exploration and production companies around the world.

JPM is forecasting that gold will recover throughout 2015 and 2016. The prospects for both silver and gold are looking better and a gold spot between $1300 and $1400 is expected in this timeline. It’s important to remember that JP Morgan is the primary source of constant gold price manipulation through the New York COMEX. Once again if the task master is screaming “sell” to the masses do just the opposite.

The Russian Central Bank announced yesterday that its gold reserves grew by 600,000 ounces in December. Earlier news reported that Russia was selling some of its gold reserves to prop up the Ruble. The Russian currency has been in a freefall since the U.S. passed sanctions over the Crimea annexation. Evidently President Putin understands gold better than Washington. The Ruble may be decimated but gold remains the choice currency in global markets. Gold also insures Russia cannot be bankrupted regardless of what happens to their fiat currency.

Over the past ten years Russia has tripled its gold reserves as it positions itself to remain a major player as we move toward a new reserve currency. The myth that the U.S. dollar will remain forever flies in the face of historical fact. Fiat currencies all eventually end and are forced to bow their knees to gold.

We’ve never seen a more important time to make sure we are protecting a portion of our wealth. Turning a blind eye to fraudulent stock markets won’t make the sting any less when loss comes knocking at our door.

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