“Gold Update” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Jul 11, 2014

Gold and silver are holding steady this morning after hitting a 4 month high on Thursday. Gold last reported is at $1337.10 and silver is $21.48.

We expect gains as turmoil continues building in the Middle East and the Ukraine. China is also bristling its feathers warning Washington not to instigate a war with them because it will be costly on both sides. Washington in turn warned China that U.S. drones have been deployed and, “we are watching you”.

The Fed has two options moving forward. “QE” may be ending in name only but the Fed has no choice but to keep the money presses rolling to purchase U.S. debt. Secondly it continues instigating global conflicts and positioning itself to win a major war.

Thursday we learned House Speaker John Boehner has welcomed a plan referred to as “smoothing pensions”. This allows companies to delay contributions to employee pension funds enabling Washington to collect more taxes to repair highways. Yes once again both party isle’s only suggestion is to steal more money through taxation. It would be interesting to know exactly what percentage of this new found wealth will actually be going to road construction.

Gold Goliath is not your typical gold dealer.

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