“Gold Update” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Sep 02, 2014

Gold last reported is $1265.70 down $20.70 and silver is $19.21 down 25 cents.

Amid increasing economic and political turmoil gold drops near 3 month low down 1.7%

The U.S. dollar is surging as foreign nations issue its death nail; makes perfect sense. Rigged markets and fictitious numbers never derail reality.

Washington is looking for a reason to instigate a world war because the dollar is under attack. The only way the dollar will survive is for western bankers to win a world war.

Central banks will continue hoarding physical gold before it becomes unavailable in preparation for war..

Outlook for gold in 2014 remains $1300-$1350 spot.

Gold Goliath is not your typical gold dealer.

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