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Posted on :Feb 12, 2016

Gold and silver remain strong in early US trading after yesterday’s bloodbath in global stocks. Gold last reported a.m. is $1241.70 and silver is $15.79.

Silver remains available below production costs even as record global demand outpaces annual mining supply. Now is the time to protect our assets with silver at incredible savings to the buyer.

Global markets already being hammered yesterday worsened as Fed chair Janet Yellen stated, “the outlook for the US economy has become more cloudy.” Janet for once be honest and admit that global markets are screaming depression, though it’s more palatable these days to use the term recession.

In May, 2015, Bank of America warned investors that, “markets are in a twilight zone and it’s time to hold more cash and gold.”  Once again, BofA advised yesterday that “there’s scope for gold prices to extend much higher over time and to stay long gold.”

In order to save face, David  Stockton, the Fed’s former research director said “it’s still too early for the Fed to declare defeat.” We remind Mr. Stockton the Fed declared defeat in 2008 when it began its quantitative easing programs.  After 6 years of trial and error, all that remains are bursting bubbles and a dying US economy. The Fed will simply begin printing more money, creating more debt and blaming China until the whole scheme blows sky high.

From the Fed’s perspective, it’s a great time for war!

It’s time to protect our assets with real physical precious metals and we can even own real gold and silver in our IRA.

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