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Posted on :May 15, 2015

Gold held Thursday’s gains and added to them on Friday. Both gold and silver hit three month highs on a weakened dollar index and troubled global economic data. As the dollar remains near four month lows, markets are still watching to see if the Fed will raise interest rates, and if so when. Gold last reported p.m. Friday is $1225.20 and silver is $17.59.

For investors considering a precious metals IRA, we wanted to offer insight into how the process works and how simple it is to move from owning paper liabilities to proven assets like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Q: How can I buy precious metals from Gold Goliath for my IRA account?
A: You will need to call our toll free number and speak with one
of our Account Executives.

Q: Am I purchasing real gold or a certificate?
A: You are purchasing gold and silver in physical form.

Q: What is the minimum to open a precious metal IRA account at GoldStar Trust Company?
A: The minimum is $5,000.00.

Q: Do I open an IRA account with Gold Goliath?
A: No. The IRA account will be established at Goldstar Trust Company, which is located in Canyon, Texas. Gold Goliath will provide precious metals for your IRA account.

Q: Where are my precious metals stored?
A: Your precious metals will be stored at International Depository Services located in New Castle, Delaware.

Q: What fees will I pay for a precious metals IRA account?
A: GoldStar Trust Company charges an annual, storage, and account establishment fee. Fees are based on the value of the account. (Gold Goliath will pay all first year fees with any account that opens with a minimum of $25,000.00.)

Q: I would like to transfer an IRA to GoldStar Trust Company and I am 70 1/2 years old. How will my required minimum distribution be handled?
A: GoldStar Trust Company will calculate the amount you need to withdraw and will notify you by mail. Once you receive the figure from GoldStar, please call Gold Goliath and one of our staff will assist you. You will be able to either liquidate metals or take delivery of metals to satisfy your RMD.

Q: Can I take delivery of the precious metals in my IRA account?
A: Yes. Please contact Gold Goliath to speak with one of our account executives and we will be able to assist you. Taxes and penalties could apply.

Q: What is spot price?
A: Spot price is the benchmark by which all precious metals are priced.

Q: Can I lock in prices now and decide later if I want to liquidate or purchase?
A: No. Once one of our account executives calls and locks in prices with you, Gold Goliath is unable to cancel the transaction.

Q: Will Gold Goliath buy back my precious metal?
A: Yes. Call us to get current liquidation prices.

Q: Will Gold Goliath purchase coins that I bought from another company?
A: Yes. Call us to get current liquidation prices.

Give Gold Goliath a call with any questions you may have concerning a precious metals IRA. It’s never too late to protect wealth while we still have it. 1-800-577-3195

Gold Goliath is not your typical gold dealer.

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