“Israel Ground Invasion Begins, East Ukraine In Turmoil” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Jul 17, 2014

As Bloomberg reports,

Heavy artillery fire, explosions heard throughout Gaza.

Operation includes forces on ground, air, sea, Al Jazeera says citing its own reporter.

Operation is on wide scale. Al Jazeera

Israel army declines to comment on the report when called by Bloomberg News.

Confirmed by the Israel PM,

Israel ground operation in Gaza has started.

Ground operation to destroy underground tunnels that were used for storing rockets.

This comes on the heels of a Malaysia Airlines commercial plane being shot out of the sky in eastern Ukraine. The U.S. confirms that the plane was shot down by a ground to air missile. Russia denies any involvement in the attack but the Ukrainian interior ministry claims it has proof of Russian involvement.

We remain concerned that the Fed along with its Washington mouthpiece will attempt to inflame tensions in effort to position themselves for war. There are many commentaries involving the question, when will the U.S. economy collapse. Our belief is the Fed will go to war to protect the dollar before it allows the U.S. economy to collapse. If the U.S. economy collapsed beforehand, our “paid” allies would not be around to support Washington in a global conflict.

U.S. media will also continue demonizing Israel for having the audacity to protect its borders and countrymen. Israel being a sovereign nation has as much right to defend itself as the U.S. does. The fact that Washington is funneling millions of dollars to terrorists groups in the Middle East shows ulterior motive. Is it any wonder that Washington has lost all credibility on a global scale?

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