Ken Wiliams: “Gold Prices Decline To A Five Week Low” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Sep 13, 2013

By: Ken Williams

Gold Goliath

September 13, 2013

Gold prices fell to a five week low on belief  that the Fed will curb stimulus along with concerns subsiding over the conflict with Syria.

The Fed is in a precarious situation because the economy is not supporting Wall Street. If the Fed continues with stimulus, Wall Street will more than likely continue to see average gains.  If the Fed slows its bond purchases, Wall Street will adjust accordingly.

The Fed understands that the average American gauges our economy on how Wall Street is doing. While this is faulty reasoning on the part of the average citizen, the belief still remains.

Either way, we should have an announcement on the 18th as to what their decision will be. As we have stated earlier, the Fed may momentarily contract QE  but it cannot stop printing money. Our debt based economy demands it.

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