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Posted on :Sep 03, 2013

By: Ken Williams

September 3, 2013

History is littered with individuals who for various reasons prescribed to the idea that setting dates for possible upcoming events was a good thing. Of course the overwhelming majority of “date setters” usually wound up eating massive amounts of humble pie. The after taste is horrific but the attention one gains from doing this is spectacular.

Today, we have this same mentality proclaiming a coming world economic collapse in one to five or more years. Notice the “or more” and how it allows the game to continue until readers no longer listen. Unfortunately, we usually find someone else spouting the same stories.

Yes our economic system is broken and our government guided by the Fed continues full steam ahead into chaos. This does not mean that all is lost. If we look into American history we see periods of time where unscrupulous individuals gained power and led America in the wrong direction. When citizens finally got tired of taking the abuse and stood together, these scoundrels were run back into their closet.

I read an article today where another individual is proclaiming a total economic collapse in three to five years. He also boldly states, “Gold will hit $15,000 an ounce. Is this possible? Only time will tell. If history proves correct, he will be eating good old humble pie and embarking on new stories.

We advise clients to steer clear of this mentality but to stay vigilant at the same time. There is a strong chance we may have another “Andrew Jackson” stand up to the ruling elite and say enough is enough. The Fed and Washington are not all powerful. They are under authority themselves. They just don’t realize it.

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