Ken Williams: “Gold Hits Three Month High” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Feb 17, 2014

As of this morning gold spot is $1329.31 up $10.51. Silver is headed for it longest run in gains since 1967.

Gold and silver climbed 4.1% last week amid a weakened dollar, weaker than expected economic report and more gold purchasing by China.

Due to short sells instigated by the Fed and its bullion banks gold took a 28% hit in 2013. So far gold has climbed back 10%in 2014.

These massive short sells have not taken place since the first week in January 2014. We are looking for their return as the Fed continues to dissuade investors from purchasing gold.

Shorting the futures markets will however become more and more difficult as world markets continue to point their fingers at the Fed accusing them of rigging the gold game. While we can only speculate as to what the next ploy may be, we know for sure that it is coming.

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