Ken Williams: “Gold Suppression Continues To Reveal Itself” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Oct 15, 2013

Gold has always been seen as a safe-haven against economic and political turmoil so why do prices continue to drop.

On Friday 11, we saw a single sell trade reportedly worth $640 to $650 million dollars. Gold prices fell $25 dollars in a matter of minutes. This is yet another attempt to manipulate the markets for various reasons. Our primary belief as to why this continues to happen is two-fold. One, the dollar is already on life support and if large numbers run from paper assets into gold, the dollar loses more credibility. Two, these scripted sells allow central banks to purchase physical gold at bargain prices. For this plan to work, all that is necessary is the herd mentality.

We need to look no further than the Fed and its banker allies because they have the funds to make these transactions possible. The Fed creates wealth out of thin air and we expect the manipulation to continue.

If the average investor ever sees the dollar for what it really is, the Fed will be vanquished. The greatest asset the Fed owns is not the money,  it’s uninformed populaces.

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