Ken Williams: “Gold Update” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Oct 31, 2013

The Fed keeps the guessing game going and gold takes another hit. The FOMC stated on Wednesday that the economy has made improvements over the past recent months. Cherry picking numbers continues to be common place for the Fed and mainstream media. Exactly where is the economy growing? Part-time, low wage jobs?

It has been our belief for many months that the Fed wants to keep gold near the $1,300 range for two purposes.

1.It’s imperative that the Fed makes the dollar appear stronger. In reality, it seems everyone but the average American knows it’s a dangerous liability.

2.Central banks continue to fill their vaults with physical gold at bargain prices.

Expect more lip-service from the Fed as it continues to manipulate the markets and investors. Can you imagine holding that much power? Central banks are self-serving beasts that always offer the same results. Economic slavery.

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