Ken Williams: “Gold Update”- Gold Goliath

Posted on :Sep 23, 2013

Gold prices decline on Monday due to concern over what direction the Fed may take in the coming weeks and months concerning stimulus. It seems the Fed wants to continue the , “will we or will we not” game for various reasons. We continue to believe that central banks are manipulating gold prices for one reason. They are filling their vaults with physical gold at greatly reduced prices.

Prices have declined over 20 percent this year simply due to remarks made by the Fed. With mere word, the Fed can send the markets into short term panic and the end result is those owning paper gold get fooled once again. The herd runs full steam over the cliff.

There is little doubt that we will soon have reports of exaggerated economic data that show we are finally moving forward again. While these numbers look promising on paper, reality says part-time low wage jobs are not going to heal our economy.

How long the gold manipulation will last is anyone’s guess. Gold must be seen as insurance. Regardless of what the Fed says or does, they cannot and will not stop printing money. This will always assure gold a place of prominence when it comes to protecting wealth.

We are still advising that our clients move into silver at this time because of industrial demand.

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