Ken Williams: “Hi-Ho Silver”- Gold Goliath

Posted on :Jan 16, 2014

Despite gold taking a 28% beating in 2013, silver continued to sell at record numbers. According to the U.S. Mint, it sold over 50 million ounces of silver Eagles from Jan to Dec. The mint put U.S. silver Eagle production on hold three times in 2013 due to its inability to purchase adequate numbers of blanks.

The industrial sector which accounts for 45 percent of the global silver demand appears to be strengthening from 2013 into 2014.

As the law of supply and demand goes, suppliers are warning silver premiums will continue to increase throughout 2014 .

Throughout 2013 we advised silver over gold and 2014 will be no different.

For those looking to invest in silver, we are offering the silver Canadian Maple Leaf at unbelievable prices. On average $1.65 less per coin than the silver American Eagle.

Now is a great time to protect your IRA with real physical silver.

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