Ken Williams: “JP Morgan Goes Crypto Currency” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Dec 10, 2013

The first shot in the crypto currency war has been fired. JPMorgan Chase has filed a U.S. Patent for a computerized payment system much like Bitcoin. JPMorgan will be awarded any patent it seeks including one for Mars if they think it will benefit them. An individual doesn’t have to look too far to see that JPM and the Fed go hand in hand since 1913.

In an earlier article, we stated our belief that if Bitcoin was going to survive as a major player, it would be owned or controlled by the Fed through partner banks.

This is beginning to look similar to when JP Morgan employed Thomas Edison while he was working on his “direct” current electricity supply system. At the same time, a young inventor named Nikola Tesla was perfecting the “alternating” current electricity supply system that we use today in our homes. It just so happened that like Edison, Tesla needed capital to pursue his goals so he entered into a business venture with George Westinghouse.

Before everything was said and done, Morgan backed Westinghouse into a corner and threatened to sue him over patent infringements. Westinghouse knew he did not have the funding to fight Morgan in court and JP wound up owning the whole pie. By the way, he also fired Edison in the process.

If it hisses and crawls like a snake, it probably is.

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