Ken Williams: “Mainstream Media Is Still Hallucinating” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Mar 27, 2014

The mainstream media tells so many lies daily that it’s comical to see contradicting reports at the same time on their homepages. Unfortunately these are not isolated incident’s, they’re common practice.

Another example we have this morning is from non other than Reuters news agency. On its homepage to the left we see a picture of what appears to be condo’s under construction with the caption, “U.S. Growth Improves, Jobless Claims Drop”.

Directly to the right of this article we read, “Pending Home Sales Fall To The Lowest Level Since October 2011”. One would think they could at the very least have placed the opposing story on another page for credibility’s sake. It’s interesting that Reuters chose a picture of new construction when speaking of job growth. The average working class American has come to believe that if home building is up it means the economy must be improving. The 2007 housing bubble proved this not to be the case but mindsets are oftentimes difficult to change.

Median U.S. household income has fallen for five continual years and home prices are once again outpacing earnings. This is resulting in yet another housing bubble.

While citizens are forced to live on less we read from Bloomberg news yesterday that food prices are up 19 percent in 2014 since December. It appears that Fed estimates of around 2 percent inflation are slightly misleading. Of course the CPI no longer includes food and energy costs in their equations.

A jobless recovery is no recovery. Yes the Fed, Wall Street and Washington are enjoying the lifestyles of the rich and famous but the working class is being decimated. Until the Fed is removed and Washington politicians are called on the mat don’t expect things to change for the better at the Federal level.

For now our best hope remains at the state levels. Washington has become nothing less than a brothel willing to sell itself to the highest bidder. After all it takes its marching orders directly from our illustrious central banker. Las Vegas fashioned the term, “Sin City” for itself but it has been dethroned by crafty politicians, bankers and attorney’s.

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