Ken Williams: “Much To Do About Nothing” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Oct 02, 2013

The mainstream media is fixated for typical reasons on the shutdown. For individuals who do not keep up with credible current news, it’s a great bargaining tool. The more Washington plays chicken, the more hundreds of thousands of American begin to panic.

Corrupt governments have always used fear and intimidation to control the populace. Creating the problem and offering yourself as the only solution is a well devised plan. We are not saying every politician in Washington is a part of this but there is a nucleus of individuals who are well informed of  what is actually taking place.

It’s about control and convincing citizens that without government help and guidance, they will never make it. Though history proves this idea wrong through free market systems, many people continue to blindly follow.

The Fed as usual is still directing events behind the scenes. There is too much at stake to allow Washington to run its own course. Is it strange to think that central bankers can actually wield so much clout? It may seem strange but it is absolutely true. Ever heard the term, “follow the money”?

The Fed needs Washington to protect it through legislation etc. and in turn Washington receives much needed money. It may at times be a love-hate relationship but it suits the purposes of both entities.

Keep focused on the fact that the dollar is being decimated and we need to look at other options for protecting our wealth. The Fed may temporarily slow QE but they cannot completely stop printing money.  If the presses stopped, it would create immediate dire economic consequences world wide. Either way, this insures that the game of transferring wealth will continue for many years.

God Goliath is not your typical gold dealer.


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