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Posted on :Mar 05, 2014

Kremlin economic aide Sergei Glazyev claims Russia could reduce its economic dependency on the U.S. to zero if need be. He also warned the U.S. financial system would face a crash if this happened.

While mainstream media outlets ridicule such statements, the reality that Russia could default on loans from American lenders and dump government bonds is a fact. There is endless discussion concerning the oft used term global economy and what happens if a major player defaults in the never ending circle of debt.

Most economist will admit the U.S. dollar is losing its dominance but for various reasons belief is that it can’t happen for many more years.  To go along with this notion we must believe the unthinkable cannot happen.

Over the past many years Washington has lost all credibility when it comes to dealing with global conflicts. After 12 years of continual wars, we are further in debt and more despised by other nations than ever before. We threaten, we blame and we offer bailouts for temporal allegiance like 1 billion to Ukraine.

Pride has a way of blinding individuals from reality but the reality is the U.S. is quickly becoming a loathed enemy. Unfortunately the average American has no idea we are in the midst of a global power shift or what would happen to the dollar if it loses reserve currency status.

To think other countries could not remove themselves from the hegemony of the dollar without causing irreparable economic harm to themselves is ridiculous. Being enslaved to a particular monetary trading system does not ensure lifetime servitude. Remember the U.S. is enslaved as well to something called debt.

As the U.S. continues its path towards socialism and world dominance, Washington’s business of playing hard ball to get their way will eventually come home to roost. The proverb “what you sow you grow” is evidenced throughout history.

The U. S. cannot survive or prosper under a bully pulpit or continual debt and to believe less it to doubt the fact that reality ever existed.

Russia does have an ace in her pocket and it’s called China. China like the rest of the world is foolish enough to understand that America’s word is no longer good and that our economic system is collapsing under debt. China is also foolish enough to be purchasing physical gold in mass to insulate itself from perpetual dollar control and loss thereof.

Whether the  U.S. chooses to believe it or not, we are quickly losing our status as a dominant world leader. Be assured other countries will continue to buck the good ole system as they applaud our decline.

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