Ken Williams: “Silver and Investors Manipulated Once Again” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :May 01, 2014

Federal Reserve manipulation continues with a vengeance this morning. Shorting the futures market seems to be all they have left in effort to strengthen the dollar by crushing gold and silver prices.

This morning we saw more than 2000 silver contracts dumped in a matter of seconds pushing silver below $19.

Never has the dollar or Fed control of  global economies seen more perilous times than exists today. When you have bankrupted nations and destroyed the purchasing power of your currency you have sown seeds for your own destruction.

America’s greatest hope lies at the state level. We have no need for the group of bankers and politicians who are legislating corruption from Washington D.C. today.

The government produces no income and any monies that it gives to purchase votes and favors must first be confiscated from working class Americans. For each dollar a state sends to Washington for taxes owed, the state receives in return 7 cents.  Washington keeps 93 cents to fatten their bloated coffers.

States would be better served guiding their own policies versus allowing those who could care less to govern them.

We are witnessing an awakening at state levels and history shows it will continue to grow as long as suppression remains. The American working class has been used to destroy many of the greatest armies the world has ever faced. The slumber is ending out of necessity and freedom from tyranny is worth defending.

Our choices are very simple; stand to make a difference or accept your chains. Hold your local politicians accountable and if they join the Washington rank and file, fire them.

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