Ken Williams: “Speaking Truth Is Never Doom And Gloom” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Sep 28, 2013

Speaking truth is never doom and gloom. Blindly following lies is.

It’s appalling to see truth perverted and the perversion is running rampant. Whether the news comes from Washington, the Fed or mainstream media it always follows the same course. Lie, lie and lie again to cover that lie.

Our economic system is designed to transfer wealth from the middle class to the ultra wealthy and it works perfectly. When you control the government and the media it’s not difficult to do. Unfortunately, the average American will never understand that wealth redistribution is absolutely intentional.

It would take catastrophic events to reign in Washington but we do see hope at the state level. Be it Obama care or the second amendment, citizens are making their voices heard. It took one person, Andrew Jackson, to stand against America’s third central bank and he ended it.

Truth will always find its rightful place. It simply needs to be spoken. We must hold our elected officials accountable, especially those at the state and local levels. If we refuse to stand against tyranny, we will hand slavery to our children.

It’s time for men and women to pull up the bootstraps and get to work. Freedom is reliant upon our diligence.

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