Ken Williams: “The Elusive Recovery And Its Allies”- Gold Goliath

Posted on :Jan 28, 2014

The circus performers, i.e. government economists, continue to talk about recovery as though it were really happening. The old adage of just keep telling the same lie until everyone believes it is as rampant as mosquitos in a Louisiana swamp.

Remember “Baghdad Bob” from the second gulf war? His daily news briefs repeatedly claimed the Americans and its allies were being destroyed on all fronts. As rumors of American tanks spread across Baghdad, he stuck to his story that it wasn’t true. To the last minute, he tried to convince citizens and himself that it was not happening.

Did he have factual evidence that could show him otherwise? Do you think he heard the rumble of  tank tracks as they roared down Al Rashid? Is it possible he could have heard explosions or seen smoke streaming into the sky? They answer is yes and his denial of current events did not delay the reality of what was taking place. The gig was over.

Like many economist today, Bob’s performance deserved no less than five stars and possibly an academy award. It must have taken a backbone of steel to look straight into the camera and lie, knowing everyone knew he was lying and he still kept lying.

We hear delusionary reports of economic victory and how the economy has in fact “grown” over the past several years. Really? Where? Are they cherry picking stats again? We want to believe it but for some crazy illogical reason we want visual proof.

Bureau of Labor Statistics are rampant with fraud and government unemployment numbers fare no better. One would think all government agency reports are scripted from the same office; they are. Nothing leaves the Fed or Washington without being scrutinized to make sure the story is following the status quo.

Can I ask you a question? Can an economy heal without full-time good paying jobs? If your answer is yes then why does the Fed feel the need to continue its reckless stimulus programs? It would not be necessary. There will be no economic recovery without jobs, and Washington and the Fed know this. Could it be that this has been their intention all along?

There’s no need to list real statistics on unemployment or true numbers concerning households on food stamps etc. because it seems I have given these at least a thousand times. Of course these may cause us to unnecessarily question what we are being told. After all, they haven’t given us a reason to do so before; why change now?

At its core, our economic system of debt, greed and entitlements is doing what it was created to do. Destroy the working class and transfer wealth to the few elite.

The tank tracks of economic ruin are barreling down main street and “Bob” continues to ignore reality assuring us all is well. 1929 couldn’t happen again, could it?

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