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Posted on :Mar 06, 2014

Yesterday Janet Yellen stated, “I promise to do all that I can, working with my fellow policy makers, to achieve the very important goals Congress has assigned to the Federal Reserve”.

Translated for the working class: “As the official monkey on the organ grinder box for the Federal Reserve, I promise to do exactly what I am told to do and say exactly what I am told to say. The Fed will continue to do everything in its power as the most influential central bank in the world to undermine the shrinking freedoms of this great nation.

We will continue telling the working class that inflation is very good for us and stock market bubbles don’t exist and never really did. If there is a chance they actually did it was never our fault, just the fault of too big too fail banks; that by the way we control.

Due to the fact that Washington cannot operate on a budget we will continue to bury the U.S. in debt that it cannot repay. This of course allows us even more control over government policy making because we really want what’s best for you. After all, politicians love living high on the hog.

We will continue manipulating gold prices through the futures markets simply because we get away with it every time. If paper investments in Wall Street are not good enough and you refuse to play our game then so be it. Fortunately most individuals will never catch on to what we are doing anyway.

We promise to continue funding America’s wars in effort to install more puppet regimes in attempt to control policy making around the world. If our plans don’t work out, we will simply shift the blame to someone else. You can reference the Middle East and Ukraine to see that we never lose.

Our primary goal will continue to be the destruction of the U.S. working class. You people always demand answers and buck our system. You never follow our lead and we don’t appreciate the frustration.

We will simply continue to destroy the U.S. dollar in effort to break your financial backbone. If you can’t earn a living, you have no other choice than to come back to us on your knees.

Once again, we promise to do all we can do”.

The Fed would be wise to remember it is America’s fourth central bank. The first three were ended for corrupt monetary policies that were devised to steal wealth and enslave populaces.

There is a payday someday; even for central bankers.

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