Ken Williams: “U.S Monetary Hegemony Continues To Collapse”- Gold Goliath

Posted on :Apr 08, 2014

After years of continued and intentionally destructive U.S. monetary policies other countries are maneuvering to hedge themselves against a faltering nation. The dollar has lost international credibility worldwide and even member nation’s of the Fed’s good ole boy network are on the fence.

The Fed has enjoyed running the game for so many years, they still can’t fathom the reality that they have backed themselves into a very dangerous corner. Pride has a way of convincing humanity that it alone is Almighty and justifies wickedness as righteousness.

Having reserve currency status has allowed the Fed to pilfer wealth at will by playing the middle man in global trading through what is known as the SWIFT system.  When nations want to trade between each other, they must first purchase the U.S. dollar to complete the transaction. Sounds ridiculous from a business standpoint for everyone but the Fed. Why would I need to purchase the dollar to buy goods from China when I can go right to China instead; and save money.

Russia has plans of dismantling the dollar with the BRICS system. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are making it known they no longer need the dollar for global trading. We can be assured that the Middle East will move into this system as well. For those who don’t believe this is a serious threat, we remind you that China and India have the largest populations in the world. It’s not necessary to speak about the U.S. debt that Russia and China hold and what would happen if they dumped it.

After Washington and NATO lost control of Crimea, threats of impending sanctions are all Washington has to offer. Russia, like Syria simply called our bluff and the U.S retaliated by doing nothing. It seems being a super-power loses its luster when the world knows you are bankrupt. As the U.S. “kicked” Russia out of the G8 Putin only laughed. He knows the G8 is the Fed’s old money guard and understands the G20 is of greater importance for its national security.

Russia and China continue to build their gold reserves understanding this will give any new currency immediate credibility. They will be able to offer insured currency while the U.S offers nothing but debt-laced monetary notes. It seems the Fed is getting trumped at their own game.

There is no doubt that the Fed would go to war with whatever allies it has left before allowing the dollar to fall. We are witnessing a masterful game of chess between countries who mire themselves in continual debt and those with enough wisdom to understand the game is ending and gold secures power.

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