Ken Williams: “What Did Yellen Say?” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Mar 20, 2014

If the average person has the ability to speak with “two” tongues, the Fed masters the game with at least 100.

The typical stance of moving back and forth using generic words and terminology was sure to confuse or better yet put to sleep those unfortunate enough to listen.

The Fed has no idea how to get out of the corner it has backed itself into and is looking to cast eventual blame on the nearest scape goat. Either Russia or China would more than suffice.

In a nutshell her closing remark stated the Fed’s condition of perpetual confusion; “The end of 2016 is a long way out. Monetary policy will be evolved to reflect evolving conditions in the economy”. Placed into common language, “my what a mess we have”.

Gold Goliath is not your typical gold dealer.

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