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Posted on :Dec 10, 2013

The FOMC is scheduled to meet Dec. 17 and 18 to discuss the economy and Quantitative Easing. Can you imagine the somber mood as those who are entrusted with maintaining a healthy economy know it’s anything but.

The bond purchasing and money printing has done nothing but make the too big to fail banks more wealthy while at the same time destroying  the wealth of the working class.

We continue to hear upbeat statistics concerning employment but remember the Bureau of Labor and Statistics has been known to stretch the truth. To be honest, they outright lie. 70% of the few jobs added over the past twelve months have been low-wage, part-time. People who are living at or below poverty can hardly help to stabilize the economy.

We know the Fed has created the largest bond bubble in the history of the world and it appears that another housing bubble may be forming. Currency inflation is running at a real rate of 7 or more percent annually.

Since 2008 QE has shown that it has been an abysmal failure when it comes to growing the economy. Of course history already proves this but who listens to history? Another area of theft is the low interest rates. The working class relies on making a return for their investment and for now it is an impossible task.

China continues to balk at the mighty U.S. dollar but can you really blame them? They hold more than 1 trillion in U.S. debt and understand that they too have taken it on the backside.

Wall Street continues to show its instability every time the Fed hints at slowing stimulus. They know full well that without Fed help, the good times will end quickly.

Now the jobless rate is supposedly at 7 percent. Isn’t this the magic number where the Fed was going to end QE?

The Fed is backed into a very small corner and other than possibly a token taper, they will not change direction.

The world is watching and the Fed’s biggest concern is that both of their eye’s are going to be black and blue as the mess continues to unwind.

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