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Posted on :Jun 13, 2014

Articles speculating on where gold is headed throughout 2014 range from as little as $600.00 to as much as $10,000 spot price or more.

There are many compelling arguments that can in theory back up these guestimates across the spectrum and eventually someone will be correct.

Since 2013 we have been advising clients that we don’t see gold hitting and holding more than $1300 to $1350 for 2014. Of course we cannot foresee unknown events that may cause a temporary rise, like Russia, China and now the Middle East. Gold is the first tangible asset investors to turn to when everything breaks loose.

The U.S. economy is in shambles but were are not alone, every other nation is there with us. Since 2008 the stories of economic triumph are showing themselves to be what they really are, just stories. More than 70 percent of the jobs added in the U.S. over the past 12 months have been low-wage and part-time.

The Fed understands the disparity of our situation and they also comprehend the dire consequences they could face if the American people find out it is the Fed that is to blame.

There is no doubt that the Fed is searching for ways to control the increasing global conflicts as puppet regimes fall one by one. After funding 12 years of wars and counting, nothing has seemed to work in their behalf.  The downside to having “paid” allies is that they will turn on you at the first sign of danger.

Unfortunately, Washington and the Fed have given foreigners reason to hate Americans. While the average American would give you the shirt off their back, other nations see us as bullies. On numerous occasions I have been asked by friends around the globe why we as Americans think we have the right to tell the world what to do. My answer; Washington is no longer representative of the average American.

Our guess is that western bankers are looking to instigate a possible war they think they can win. When you have bankrupted your nation and made enemies around the globe you have also backed yourself into a corner. The Fed will come out fighting.

Central bankers will continue loading up on gold while attempting to convince other buyers to steer clear of it. The Fed and its bullion bankers will also keep shorting gold futures until they are forced to quit by not being able to make physical deliveries.

Two things we can expect in the coming months and years are wars and investors running to purchase gold as systems unravel.

Gold may well reach beyond $1350 spot and hold in 2014 but it will take chaos to get it there. Ultimately the give-away prices we see in gold and silver will give way to tremendously higher prices. In 2011 we saw a $1900.00 gold spot and we are in far worse condition now than then.

History is brutally honest and it’s screaming beware.

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