Ken Williams: “Will The Fed Taper?” – Gold Goliath

Posted on :Dec 17, 2013

If the Fed wants to collapse the markets then yes they will taper. Let’s see what they are up against.

1.Unemployment is still rampant running somewhere in the area of 15 percent.

2.Six and a half Million U.S. homeowners are still under water.

3.Seventy percent of the jobs created over the past 12 months have been part-time, low-wage.

4.More than forty-seven Million Americans are on food stamps.

5.Over half of American households receive paychecks from the government.

6.Wall Street gains since 2008 are directly related to Fed stimulus.  No money, no Wall Street.

7.The Fed claims the economy is picking up and that new jobs are being added. The BLS employment figures are completely and purposely inaccurate.

8.Janet Yellen say’s she see’s no signs that bubbles are forming. This is the same statement Bernanke made concerning housing bubbles before 2008.

9.The Fed’s balance sheet is almost 4 TRILLION.

10.Our national debt is more than 17 TRILLION.

There is good news however. The big six banks, JPM Chase, Bank of America, Citi Group, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are doing exceptionally well. Since the Fed announced QE3 in September of 2012, their stocks are up on average 53%. The Dow has jumped 9%.

If the Fed does taper, it will be an insignificant amount in attempt to appease stimulus critics. In short, will the Fed continue printing money creating wealth for themselves and partner banks out of thin air? Absolutely YES!

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