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Posted on :Nov 11, 2015

Gold prices in early trading are unchanged Wednesday as U.S. markets take a breather for Veterans Day. Gold last reported a.m. is $1087.30 and silver is $14.36.

Mega market manipulator HSBC says there are signs of physical gold demand picking up. “The drop below $1,100/oz has stimulated Indian buying, which has been very sluggish for weeks. We also know demand is increasing from China and other emerging markets. The most recent data from China show deflationary trends persisting, but this should not impact the demand for gold jewelry bars and coins noticeably.”

Commerzbank also stated “Physical gold demand in China still appears to be robust and indeed to be picking up, given that the premiums on the Shanghai Gold Exchange have risen to $4-5 per troy ounce as compared to world market prices.”

The People’s Bank of China says its gold holdings grew by 14 or more tons in the month of October following an additional 15 tons in September. It’s current reported gold holdings are 1,722.5 tons.

While the U.S. places its bets on going further into debt, Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa “BRICS” continue hedging themselves with physical gold. These emerging markets remain on an upward trajectory while “status quo” nations like the U.S. remain clueless about the current condition of their failed economic policies.  India alone has witnessed its wealth soar by 211 percent over the past 15 years compared to a reported 41 percent in the U.S.

BRICS collective economic output now matches that of the U.S. gross domestic product and it shows no signs of slowing down. The U.S. economy was double that of BRICS just 8 years ago.

Zhu Jiejin, researcher with the Center for BRICS Studies said “Western countries often take a with us or against us attitude to China, but China is neither with nor against western powers. China accepts the existing framework while trying to make changes to it. It will be better for China to seek these changes together with India, Russia, Brazil and South Africa than going it alone.”

Don’t be fooled, China is spearheading the move to destroy U.S. supremacy by destroying the credibility of Washington and its fiat currency.

The Roman Empire refused to believe its global dominance was over until it was over and by then Rome no longer mattered. Washington finds itself in the same condition refusing to admit that its on the ropes and a TKO is likely to follow.

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