1 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad

Posted on :Feb 21, 2015


Technical Specifications

 Gross Weight  1 troy oz
 Silver Content  1 troy oz
 Fineness  .999% pure
 Dimensions  1.6” approximately


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The 1 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad is among the more popular bullion investment choices in the United States. The Silver Libertad was minted with a new modern look in 2014. This is quite distinct from the earlier silver Libertad in both design and finishing.

The beautiful design of the modern Libertad attracts collectors as well for its excellent finishing, fine design and appealing looks. This coin carries a low premium over spot price. The coin can be easily traded in international markets and is highly liquid. This coin is widely accepted in global markets and prices fluctuate depending on market conditions.

The modern 1 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad is a larger silver bullion coin having a diameter of approximately 1 ½ inches in diameter and thickness measuring about 1/8th of an inch. Compared to other popular silver bullion coins, the Mexican Libertad is similar to the US Silver Eagle in appearance.

The Mexican Silver Libertad has an appealing design that is well received by collectors. The front of the coin has an inscription of its weight (1 onza), its fineness (.999), its purity (Plata Pura), and the year of manufacture (2014). There is an image of the winged Victoria reminiscent of the Mexican Independence Victory Column. The back of the 1 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad has an inscription of the Mexican National Seal that represents an eagle with a snake in its beak, surrounded by the past Mexican coats of arms. Inscribed above the national seal is the official name for Mexico in Spanish - “Estados Unidos Mexicanos.”

The modern Libertad has a popular reeded edge for additional security and attractive matte finish for high strength. The Mexican silver Libertad enjoys global acceptance as it is manufactured by the sovereign Mints of Mexico.

There are several factors why investors and collectors desire the 1 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad of which a few are as given below:

•  The 1 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad is demanded by collectors for its elegant and classy finish.
•  Since the bullion coin is produced by the national Mints of Mexico, the weight and purity of the coin is guaranteed.
•  High liquidity makes it a sough-after mode of wealth accumulation for investors.
•  Owing to high quality standards, the 1 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad will continue to grow in popularity .|
•  These beautiful coins are in pristine condition and made available by the Bank of Mexico in original tubes of 25 coins. It is also provided in original bags which contain 18 tubes or 450 coins in total.


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