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Posted on :Jan 11, 2016

US Mint reports record sales volume in January for gold and silver. Gold prices are steady in early US trading Tuesday as safe haven demand grows amid global stock market turmoil. Some countries are doing better than others but all appear to be in a state of economic depression. To see this we need only to look at declining economic numbers around the globe. We’ve gone from stagnation over the past several years to a negative growth rate, even in the US. Gold last reported a.m. is $1087.00 and silver is $14.14

US stock markets fall 11% in first two weeks of January with investors losing trillions around the globe.

The US labor participation rate is at a 40 year low as 94-95 million Americans are unable to find employment. Millions of others are working part-time jobs producing an income below the national poverty level according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

All of this means these individuals cannot contribute to the US economy because it’s consumer driven and without their participation we are sunk.

The money masters at the Fed have no answer for this because inflating stock markets to create the illusion of wealth never transfers into reality. The US work force is decimated to levels not seen since the Great Depression and Washington isn’t interested in solving the problem.

Washington’s primary focus is to attack lawful gun owners while opening our borders to individuals of whom untold numbers are terrorists. We need look no further than Europe to see many of these “widows and orphans” are hell bent on destroying nation after nation. When they tell us they want to kill us, it may be wise to take them serious.

Washington as it exists today, is the very tyrannical monster our Founding Fathers fought against during the American Revolution. The only difference today is the enemy of freedom is not across the sea, but in Washington. Americans did not choose to be enemies of Washington but the other way around.

2016 may prove to be the year many are dreading and God help us to stay on our knees before Him. We are on a collision course with harsh reality, reaping what has been sown.

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