Palladium Bullion Coins and Bars

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Palladium bullion coins and bars are a well-known precious metal in high demand due to low premiums they carry over their melt value. Palladium bullion, coins and bars are prized by both collectors and investors.

Low premium 1 oz palladium bars are manufactured by globally renowned refiners such as PAMP Suisse.  PAMP Suisse Palladium Bar 1 oz is a widely recognized standard around the world and a popular way to buy and sell palladium bullion. The content and purity of PAMP Suisse Palladium Bar 1 oz is globally recognized and trusted by investors.

Apart from the PAMP Suisse make 1 oz palladium bars there are equally popular 1 oz palladium bullion coins produced by independent countries across the world. Since the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf is minted and guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint pertaining to its weight and purity the 1 oz coin is recognized and accepted as a world standard.

As a dealer of precious metal bullion, we offer a wide range of Palladium bullion, coins and bars available for trading in the international market.

Palladium bullion, coins and bars carry low premium as both are bullion only and not collectible items.

The price of Palladium Bullion, Coins & Bars varies in accordance with the spot price of palladium metal in the international market.

Palladium Bullion, Coins & Bars demand attention from investors as these are liquid commodity and can be easily traded.

Current prices are listed for each type of palladium bullion. If you are looking to buy palladium bullion, coins & bars, our sales team will assist you and answer any questions you may have concerning our products. Our promise is to provide you with exceptional service.


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