Peace Silver Dollar Circulated

Peace Silver Dollar Circulated


Technical Specifications


 Gross weight  0.942 oz
 Silver Content  .77 oz
 Fineness  .900 Fine
 Dimensions   1 1/2 in

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The Peace Silver Dollar Circulated was struck during a period termed as the “golden age” of legal tender coins in America. This iconic silver coin was minted between 1921 and 1935 and became one of the most sought-after silver bullion coins in the land of dreams. In contemporary times, the coin sees wide circulation being demanded by investors and collectors alike.  Gold Goliath, a premier silver dealer has these readily available in stock .

The design of  the Peace Silver Dollar Circulated was the brainchild of Italian immigrant, Anthony de Francisci, who came to America to chase the American dream. The obverse of the coin has a portrait of lady Liberty, modeled by his wife Maria Cafarelli and the reverse bearing a depiction of the American Eagle.

The Peace Silver Dollar Circulated was minted at three separate facilities including the Denver Mint (D Mint Mark), the San Francisco Mint (S Mint Mark), and the Philadelphia Mint (No Mint Mark). To determine the source of the Mint, one can find the Mint mark at the lower part of the Eagle’s tail. The coins were produced in .900 fine silver with a small proportion of Copper added to ensure longer life despite monetary circulation.

During the period of production, nearly 270 million coins were minted across different mints. Each coin contains 0.77 ounce of pure silver and is traded at a premium above its silver content owing to the popularity and historical significance associated with the coins.

The Peace Silver Dollar Circulated is offered in a hard plastic cover providing protection from scratches or damages during shipment and storage. The coins are packed in tubes of (20)  or in canvas bags containing 100 or 500 coins.

Some of the major reasons why investors and collectors choose the Peace Silver Dollar Circulated coin are below:

•    Since the coin is very popular, it commands a premium ensuring value over its legal tender mark.
•    Because the coins were struck by mints in the U.S. they are guaranteed for weight and purity
•    Hassle free purchasing with no reporting requirements by the government



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