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Posted on :Feb 18, 2016

Global stocks fall back into the red Tuesday morning as both short sellers and oil prices decrease. Oil fell by 2.5% and European stocks more than 1% before hitting today’s bottom . Oil had risen by 6% Monday on hopes that oil producing nations would halt production in order to raise prices.

Gold last reported a.m. Tuesday is $1222.80 and silver is $15.32.

Iran’s oil minister told OPEC a production freeze was ridiculous and it appears they won’t be a part of it. Iran is looking to regain market share that it lost over years of embargo.

US economic growth will continue to stumble along with other nations around the globe. As Europe and Japan toy with negative interest rate programs, Japanese citizens are withdrawing currency out of banks before their cash falls victim to banker theft.

We can be sure the Fed will give NIRP a try at some point as it throws darts at a wall hoping something sticks. The Fed has backed itself into a corner and there is no escape now.

Not to be outdone by Wall Street’s grand illusion, St. Louis Fed’s Jim Bullard, said that it would be unwise to continue hiking rates at this moment, and hinted that “if needed”, the most natural option for the Fed going forward would be to do further QE. In other words, all we have left in our arsenal is the ability to create wealth for ourselves out of thin air.

America’s working class economic barometer Walmart,  reports that revenue of $129.7 billion missed expectations by $900 million and that free cash flow declined notably to $15.9 billion for the full year compared to $16.4 billion the year before. With 94.5 million American’s unemployed and millions of others barely able to put food on the table, Walmart woe’s will continue indefinitely.

American’s need jobs, period.

Don’t believe the hype, the US economy is headed into depression and insiders have prepared for it by liquidating their stock holdings.

We can own physical gold and silver in our IRA or other qualified retirement account and the process takes 30 days or less. The bear has returned to Wall Street with a vicious appetite for your wealth.

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